If you are interested in joining Act of Giving, or making a donation, your tax-deductible donations can be made in a few different ways:

1) You may donate via PayPal. Just enter as the recipient and include your interest level and contact info the comments. If you have a linked bank account to Paypal you won’t be charged a fee.

2) Get in touch with us at and mail a check to Act of Giving at 2226 Eastlake Avenue #168, Seattle, WA 98102

3) SHOP AND DONATE! - When you shop on Amazon, they will donate 0.5% of the price for all eligbile purchases to Act of Giving.  Follow this link to select Act of Giving as your charity: Once you're all set up, simply remember to shop at
Act of Giving annual donation levels:

  • Contributor ($1 - $239)
    Contribute funds of any dollar amount. With Act of Giving, the benefit of your financial gifts is maximized because our organization is volunteer based (which means low overhead).
  • Junior Member  ($120) For voting members 18 years of age or under.
  • Voting Member ($240 - $599)
    At this level of giving, members may vote on grant proposals and administrative issues.
  • Proposing Member ($600 - $1,199)
    At this level of giving, members may submit grant proposals to nominate nonprofits they wish Act of Giving to support financially. Members at this level of giving also vote on all grant proposals and administrative issues.
  • Sustaining Member ($1,200+)
    This level of giving is for members who want to see bigger grants given to the proposed organizations and comes with full voting and proposing privileges.

Note:  For multiple members in the same household, you may each submit your own vote if you have paid dues for each membership (i.e. $480 for two members). Otherwise, please limit participation to a single vote (or grant proposal as applicable).