Annual Theme

"Empowering Resilient Communities through Communication, Connection, and Mental Health" is the Act of Giving theme for 2021.

Thanks, Act of Giving members, for gathering to brainstorm ideas in October and voting in November to choose the new grant theme.

A few comments on the theme:

- This focus on Communication, Connection, and Mental Health encompasses many areas of work: social support during a time of isolation, constructive communication, effective dialog to create shared understanding, resolving conflict, emotional and psychological wellness, and cultivating a sense of belonging. There’s a lot to dig into.

- The runner-up theme of Antiracism and Social Justice is also top of mind for this group and received almost as many votes as the winner. Since our theme is a guide and not a boundary, grants for organizations that focus on this vital area are welcome.

: Join us at our Grants Kick-off on February 9th, 2021. Visit the Events page for more details.

GET CREATIVE. We encourage you to start thinking about organizations that advance communication, connection, and mental health and bring ideas to share at the kick-off.


New members are always welcome to Act of Giving. Learn more about getting involved here.