If you are interested in joining Act of Giving, or making a donation, your tax-deductible donations can be made in a few different ways:

1) You may donate via PayPal. Just enter as the recipient and include your interest level and contact info the comments. If you have a linked bank account to Paypal you won’t be charged a fee.

2) Get in touch with us at and mail a check to Act of Giving at 2226 Eastlake Avenue #168, Seattle, WA 98102

3) SHOP AND DONATE! - When you shop on Amazon, they will donate 0.5% of the price for all eligbile purchases to Act of Giving.  Follow this link to select Act of Giving as your charity: Once you're all set up, simply remember to shop at
Act of Giving donation levels:

  • Contributor ($1 - $239)
    Contribute funds of any dollar amount. With Act of Giving, financial gifts are greatly maximized because our organization is volunteer based.
  • Junior Member  ($120) For voting members 18 years of age or under.
  • Voting Member ($240 - $599)
    Voting membership in Act of Giving is based on a personal and/or fundraised contribution on an annual basis. Members may vote on grant proposals and administrative issues.
  • Proposing Member ($600 - $1,199)
    At this level, members may submit grant proposals reflecting nonprofits they wish Act of Giving to financially support. This level also votes on all grant proposals and administrative issues.
  • Sustaining Member ($1,200+)
    For donations of $1,200 or more a year is for members that want to see bigger grants given to the proposed organizations and comes with full voting and proposing privileges.
  • Humanitarian ($6,000+)
    If you're looking for a place to make that big donation, look no further.